Under Heaven

Under heavens firmament, 

The stars that dance and sway, 

The nebulas, the shooting stars, 

The beauty, milky way.

A man alone with thoughts of hope, 

Gazes high above, 

A world of woe beneath his feet, 

A world in need of love. 

A comet flying high above, 

Its fiery tail, lit bright, 

Destination far unknown, 

It blazes cross the night. 

The man has hopes of reason, 

That truth, it will prevail, 

That lies will lie beneath mens feet, 

Until they’re cold and stale. 

That man and womankind alike, 

Will stop their mindless wars, 

And common sense will once again, 

Open many doors, 

Through which the love, 

And hope will pass, 

And cover all the land,

In soil, Through every blade of grass, 

Upon which good folk toil. 

The man, he hopes all humankind, 

Enlightened they will be, 

Shadows fall from blinkered eyes, 

And once more they will see.

That there is hope, and goodness here, 

That evil must not win, 

That lies, deceit and subterfuge, 

And other mortal sin, 

Cannot be the signature, 

With which our kind signs, 

Our name across all history, 

That is not our design. 

He hopes because he cares so much, 

He cares until he cries, 

He’ll care until the end of time, 

And even when that dies, 

He’ll care because its right to do, 

He’ll care because he must, 

He’ll care until the world is gone, 

And all is turned to dust. 





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