Treatment ?

Do you know, 

Do you care, 

Do you ask, 

Why I’m there. 

Do you wonder, 

Do you see, 

What inaction,

Does to me. 

All those treatments, 

All those pills, 

Did you ever, 

Diagnose my ills. 

Did you stop, 

Did you start, 

To see how I felt, 

In my heart. 

Was it right, 

Was it appealing, 

To simply ignore, 

How I’m feeling. 

Did you listen, 

Did you dare, 

Reveal to me, 

You really care. 

When I answered, 

Did you see, 

That I knew what was, 

Best for me. 

When I chose, 

From A or B, 

Why was it neither, 

And only C. 

Why even bother, 

Why even try, 

Did you care, 

If I live or die. 

The system failed, 

It failed for me, 

And now I’m gone, 

You still can’t see, 

That I was right, 

That I knew best, 

It wasn’t hard, 

There was no test, 

But worry not, 

For I’ve moved on, 

There’s empty space now, 

For I’m long gone. 







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