Coming home to you

Silver threads,

Like gossamer,

Glisten midst the dark,

A trail so fine,

And delicate,

But still, to make its mark,

The eye is drawn,

The breath be still,

As night beckons me home,

A silver path by which,

To find,

Solace from when I roam.

A teardrop stains the heavens,

Translucent winter pearl,

My destination calls to me,

As silver dust motes twirl,

And dance with gay abandon,

In the grey and blue of dusk,

Such rich life be imbued in them,

Myself, a worthless husk.

I wander paths of light, defined

By all I see above,

The stars, diamonds of rarest type,

Multi faceted like love,

I hope they bring me safe to you,

To home, and hearth and all,

And we will be together still,

When heavens lights do fall.

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