Hiding behind

In the silence, 

Hear me breath, 

Sign of life, 

I am still,


Dust motes, 

Dancing in shattered beams of light, 


Like opportunity wasted, 

Through my fingers. 



Ethereal, otherworldly things, 

Fragments of a whole. 

The bigger picture, 

That I was blind to, 

That I could not see, 

Like wood, 

For the trees. 


I had my chance, 

Or did I ?. 

Memories, floating like clouds, 

In a sky where mistakes, 

My mistakes, 

Fall like rain, 

Endless torrent. 

Story of my life. 

Dark, Sullen storm clouds, 

Amber light, 

Fading sun, 

Dusk- into dark, 

Swallows me, 

Hiding my failures behind curtain of stars. 





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