Still time

A cloudless sky, 

A man sits still, 

Of life, 

He feels, 

He’s had his fill, 

From lofty perch, 

Where once he ruled, 

To lonely spot, 

He is not fooled, 

That high achievement, 

Crowning glory, 

Makes of him, 

A better story, 

Than the humble, 

And the Meek, 

How articulate, 

They speak, 

Of lives with little, 

Lives with none, 

But still so blessed, 

Beneath this sun, 

They speak of love, 

And friendship true, 

Things, this man, 

He never knew, 

Ever driven, 

Power sought, 

And when he fell, 

He had but nought, 

But now he lives, 

Full of regret, 

For all of those, 

He never met, 

For all the friends, 

He never made, 

For the child,

He never played,

For a love, 

With whom he’ll grow, 

For a love,

He’ll come to know,

He sits alone, 

As ever been, 

The saddest sight, 

The saddest scene, 

But not too late, 

For hope again, 

Reach out kind hand, 

And ease his pain. 

Never too late, 

For love to grow, 

Hope springs eternal, 

He should know, 

That there is hope, 

So he will stay, 

And hope that love, 

Will come his way. 






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