Behind the door

Behind the door, 

I fear it, 

I know not what it is, 

But I fear

The Unknown. 

I tremble, 

I shake, 


Dripping in my eyes, 


Is Lost. 

Behind the door, 


Lies opportunity, 

Or lies. 


But Hope is lost. 

I reach out, 

But hand, 



Extension of my fear, 

Anxiety starkly illustrated. 

Behind the door, 

May be, 

Bright future, 

Darkest Doom, 

Why do I fear it so ?. 

Leap of faith ?. 

But do I lack faith ?

In myself. 

The faith to try, 

To open that door. 

Behind the door, 

It taunts me, 

It whispers to me, 

It gives me hope, 

But still I cannot move, 

Legs of concrete, 

Hold me in place. 

Behind the door, 

Salvation ?

Damnation ?. 

Do I open it, 

Or not ?. 








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