Dear Autistic Community

Dear Autistic Community,

How nice to read your boast,

I read it twice this morning,

Over my tea and toast,

You caressed each other’s egos,

Said how wonderful you are,

A Masters here, a PhD,

You’ve really come so far,

And whilst I do applaud that stuff,

It pains me to repeat,

That not everyone will get the chance,

To do that stuff that’s neat,

For some an academic life,

Is ruined as it starts,

By bullies and poor teaching,

Who each will play their parts,

By lack of meaningful support,

From parents who, like mine,

Believed that university,

Was just a waste of time,

And now you talk of high IQ,

Another thing of which to boast,

You wear them like a badge of pride,

And see who wears the most,

But is it really relevant,

A better person make,

Than the one who’s IQ is not high,

Perhaps your bread they bake,

Perhaps they drive your bus to work,

Or nurse the sick and ill,

Perhaps they serve your vegan roll,

Perhaps they dig and drill,

Perhaps they do much more in life,

Than you, who boast on Twitter,

Perhaps their lives are full and good,

Whilst you, yes you sound bitter,

You rarely talk of happiness,

Or things that give you joy,

You just recite how great you are,

And yes that does annoy,

So stop it coz it’s meaningless,

Superior you ain’t,

Is there value in your life,

If there it must be faint!,

I’ll still applaud exam results,

Congratulate degrees,

But constant repetition of same,

Do shut up, do it please!

Learn something that’s called self restraint,

Be humble, gentle, kind,

And then I’ll not need to write this,

And save my piece of mind!

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