They taunt me

I hear them scratching, 

In my mind, 

Their claws are sharp, 

Their words unkind, 

They scrabble frantic, 

Claws that tear, 

I know, 

What they are doing there. 

My ghosts of past, 

These spectral creatures, 

Rasping voice,

And cruel of features, 

Gods of Failure, 

Taunting souls, 

Dragging mind, 

Across hot coals. 

Transparent spirit, 

Mocking me, 

Expose my failings, 

All to see. 

These cruel beasts, 

Who need no master, 

Urge me on, 

Bid me go faster, 

Drive me, whip me, 

Scourge me bare, 

No love for me, 

They do not care, 

They push me, pull me, 

Drag me down, 

Submerged in failure, 

So I will drown!. 







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