South of Heaven

Did you see me south of heaven,

As I walked the dusty road,

Memories in my backpack,

All adding to my load,

Did you see me north of hell, my love,

As I travelled far and wide,

A future smaller than my past,

The present by my side.

Did you find me east of nowhere,

At the motel with no name,

Where anonymous I stayed there once,

Room 12, to hide my shame,

Did you find me west of everywhere,

In circles I did tread,

Afraid to stray from beaten path,

Too much of life to dread.

Did you see me anywhere at all,

Did our paths once cross,

If they did and I ignored you,

Then know I count the loss,

Did you find me at the crossroads,

Where my life was stagnant, ill,

For if you look quite close enough,

Tis there you find me still,

I’ve been in all directions,

Neath sky of grey and blue,

Neath storm of rain and lightning,

Monsoon to soak me through,

Neath snow clouds in the winter,

Through breeze and howling gale,

In desert amidst parched red sands,

In all I’ve been to fail,

And as the years they pass me,

My future still unclear,

There’s only one certainty in life,

And that is you my dear.

Wherever my life takes me,

Whatever tis I do,

The beauty of it all is clear,

I’m coming home to you.

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