What’s in a picture : Number 2

What is this I see before me?

This is a curious picture.

At first glance it’s not much of one. In fact it’s not much of one at second or third glance either but it’s also an image which illustrates one of my favourite times whenever I’m abroad.

It’s that time after dinner. That time when the temperature is still balmy and I’m in that ‘not quite ready for bed’ mode. That time when, as in this picture, I step out into the dark and look around to see what I can see.

This was taken in Egypt. My cruise boat was just passing under this bridge and it was warm and magical. The gentle throb of the boats engines, the lap of water against the bow, the distant sounds of chatter coming from the dining room below deck; all things that I recall from the exact moment this picture was taken.

So it’s not a spectacular picture, it’s not some ancient ruin or masterpiece, it’s not something ancient and wonderful yet it’s wonderful just the same because it brings back special memories of a place that’s very dear to me and a place I miss so much.

What’s in a picture? How about hope that the world will work itself out?, and that what looks mundane might once again be truly magical to someone? .

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