What’s in a picture : Number 3

I wonder where this is?

A familiar image to many and one that, as I write this, will be devoid of Tourists!.

This was my third visit to the Taj Mahal and compared with the somewhat docile days of yore, it was certainly a far different experience than last time.

This is part of the trouble when you visit somewhere famous. You’ve seen the image in a book or on tv or perhaps a celebrity has been there and they’ve pushed the crowd aside so it’s all a bit of a shock when you arrive and find that you’re one of thousands and no, the ‘Princess Diana’ seat is not exclusively yours!.

You jostle for position and fight the rampaging horde as they all want your spot for their photo and you end up arm wrestling the guy with the ten foot telephoto lens as he threatens to take your head off with it!. You get cursed in a dozen languages (some invented) and narrowly avoid the spit and other bodily secretions hurled in your direction, the bloke in front insists on waving his arms about and you run the risk of being bowled over, at any moment, by a horde of ravenous children!. It’s an exercise in patience!.

But we all do it.

We all want that perfect picture.

I never get it because I’m just not a very good photographer. I’d love to be but my arms shake and then I find I’m lopsided and the resulting image usually has a body part in…and it’s one of my body parts…an elbow, a finger, a foot..so I just take a deep breath and hope for the best. It’s all you can do really…

But if everyone could just stand aside, that would be a start!

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