What’s in a picture : Number 4

Through the looking glass

This is Malaysia.

Merely the stepping stone to Thailand on our jaunt through that country, Cambodia and Vietnam.

It’s not the greatest picture but it illustrates the experience and excitement of travel. That’s my plane there, the one I’m going to get in to fly into Bangkok. And it’s tantalisingly close.

I don’t enjoy flying. It’s boring and people recline their heads into your soup!. They carry on astronomically large hand luggage (ha!) which is twice as large as my suitcase and yet still meets ‘regulation size’ and th3 fact I adhere to the rules about size and weight and others get away with it bothers me!. A lot!.

But take off is thrilling. That gradual increase in speed, the droning engines, the shaking and rattling along the runway and then whoosh, off we go, up into the blue yonder..or grey…or wet..but up anyway.

And landing is fun. Seeing the city beneath you as you descend and then, if you’re abroad, stepping out into a new airport or into the balmy tropical heat. So flying has its high points…quite literally!.

There’s aircraft food…of variable quality…and fellow passengers…of variable quality…and pilots ….of variable…..well you get the picture. It’s a necessary pain if you want to travel ..

And I hope that one day this won’t just be a memory but something real again.

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