What’s in a picture : Number 5

Hidden Treasure

Many of us have this romantic dream.

We’re intrepid archaeologists in the manner of Indiana Jones, and one day we hack our way through the steamy jungle and discover a lost city like El Dorado.

It’s Boys own stuff (and Girls own) and whilst I’m sure that such discoveries are made, these days they tend to be hidden behind other headlines about disasters and viruses, corrupt politicians and celebrity affairs.

Would the discovery of Tutankhamun mean as much today as it did in the 1920s or would it play second fiddle to the winner of ‘Love Island’ or ‘Im a Celebrity’?. Would we still feel the magic and excitement or have we lost our ability to connect with such things?.

In an era of iPhones, iPads, YouTube etc, is the discovery of something ancient still relevant?.

I hope so. I hope so because the world needs to appreciate the past and see how advanced they were for their time. To see how they built and constructed and fashioned amazing jewellery and items of such delicacy without modern tools and processes.

The past means more to me than now. I still harbour that fantasy of finding the hidden city in the jungle or the tomb of gold. I hope I never lose it.

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