What’s in a picture : Number 6

Notre Dame

Yes, I’ve not gone mad, this is Notre Dame Cathedral but no, not in Paris but in Saigon, Vietnam.

I’m not a religious person. Nothing against religion and I have a great deal of admiration for those who have true faith but no, not for me.

At college I sat next to a fervently religious guy who asked every girl he saw about bible classes and tried to convert me to the cause. After years of Sunday school and religious education classes, the matter of which I enjoyed, I’d come to enjoy the stories as just that, stories, rather than factual events. Being converted was not for me.

But that’s not to knock religion. On my travels I’m often found in temples and churches not only for their historical significance but also because of the atmosphere I find within them.

Even the busiest Hindu temple can be a balm to the soul as you get caught up in the intoxicating rhythms of the priests mantras.

I find great beauty in many such places. Carved icons and statues, relics and stained glass. There’s a great deal of architectural skill to be admired and it’s all too easy to dismiss these places because they’re ‘religious’ when you have an aversion to faith.

So be open minded. If someone wants to pray for you then let them, whether you believe is immaterial because they’re doing it based on their beliefs and it’s not going to hurt you.

We live in troubled times and right now we need to care for each other and if people find that faith in their god brings them solace then why are we to criticise them?.

Stay safe folks ……and keep the faith!

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