What’s in a picture : Number 7

That looks quite narrow?


I like rivers. I quite like the sea but lakes really don’t do things for me. This is strange as I can’t swim and so any body of water is actually quite intimidating but rivers, or the right river in the right place, are amazing.

This is the Nile. My favourite river in my favourite (kind of) country. It’s a river I’ve cruised upon and spent many a happy hour beside. It’s a ‘nice’ river.

I’ve cruised the Irrawaddy in Myanmar (Burma) and that was a glorious day spent drifting along to our destination, watching life upon the river banks in a time when Myanmar wasn’t a tourist destination as such and so you rarely met another tourist.

I’ve cruised the Kerala backwaters where you are surrounded by incredible beauty and the night I spent there remains the single most magical experience of my life.

Growing up I recall a number of summer days silent having picnics by the side of meandering streams and rivers where you could paddle in the shallow parts and watch sunlight dapple the grass through a curtain of leaves. Those days seem a lifetime ago and I wish I could recall them a little more clearly or had appreciated them a little more at the time because they were truly innocent days and now everything seems to be so different.

So, rivers. Amazing, beautiful, scenic, mysterious. Pretty damn cool (usually quite literally!)

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