The bleakness of the day, Grey clouds scud overhead,

Threat of rain, yet no less grim,

Than that already fallen.

Mankind, at mercy of each other, where greed lies dormant,

Rarely peeping head above parapet,

To shed fresh eyes,

Upon green shoots.

Imperilled yet we can find no comfort in the bosom of others,

Solitary vigil, the lonely watch,

Of the ever watchful.

Abhorrent news, soul decaying, eating at humanity,

What have we done, we cry,

To deserve this.

Ask your god for he will not answer you.

Life, every day the same,

Blurred lines, recurring nightmare from which we cannot escape,

Day becomes night becomes day,

Are we awake now or asleep?

It matters not.

I sit here at my window, oppressed from without and within,

Trapped by circumstance,

Chained by invisible bonds born on the breath of others,

Masked, hidden from view,

I creep out for daily sojourn,

Guilt ridden that I can still,

Whilst others never will again.

At the edge of my fragile, decaying state,

Meltdown barely kept at bay,

Glacier eroding through sameness, monotony of time,

I still hope,

But now it fades,

As does the light.

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