What’s in a picture : Number 10

April Pool!

Yes I know you’ve seen this before and yes it’s one of my series “Swimming pools of the world I have seen but never been in” – available from all good book shops priced at two farthings and a penny black!

I’m writing this and it’s gloomy sputsude. Outside, even but I so liked the word I couldn’t spell I left it in!

It’s gloomy and the news is just dapragging …dragging! I’m doing it again! …anyway the news is dragging me down and I’m sure I’m not alone. My physical health is poor with a huge fibromyalgia flare up these last few days and with my partner home all the time and trying to work from home I feel as though I’m just about holding it all together.

I’m worn out, feeling fragile and every-time I cough or get hot, or get chest pain, I half fear the worst and it’s exhausting trying to constantly remind yourself that no, you probably don’t have COVID 19 but that’s it’s “just” a cough, hot feeling or a touch of indigestion!.

Anyway, I digress!

This picture is up because (a) it’s in Siem Reap and I love Siem Reap and I loved Cambodia and Angkor Wat is amazing and (b) despite the fact I can’t swim, right now I’d just like to be lying in the shallow end beneath that glorious sky and without a care in the world!

And I can’t. And it sucks!.

One day though…one day…

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