Hope fades

I was wrong

Wrong about you

Wrong that you might actually mature but no, you resorted to type.

Screaming and yelling, threatening, demanding, using hindsight with great effect because hey, it’s not like you’ve ever made a mistake is it?

You demanded answers

Demanded them yet never deserved them

And you never deserved them because it was all too much for you to cope with.

You were asked to do something simple. So simple that even a child could do it.

And they did.

But you, smug, selfish, arrogant. It didn’t apply to you did it?.

And the blaming.

Demanding enquiries and prosecutions, Ah yeah, as if thats actually going to bring people back.

Learn from mistakes. Learn.

Anger is justifiable. Fury is a warranted emotion. Frustration is palpable.

But hatred? Bile? Death threats? Wishing, hoping that people die? People with sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers..

That’s what you wish for them.

I can’t change you.

You are who you are.

He lied, you said. He was never ill, never in hospital.

Oh, of course that’s justifiable on your part. You are allowed to call him names. You can hope his child grows up without a father.

Because you are better than him.

He’s said it, done it, it’s in black and white.

But now, so is what you say, you keyboard warriors hiding behind anonymity!.

Whereas he doesn’t.

Strange that, eh?.

But no, that’s fine, he lied, he was never sick.

I’m no fan but then perhaps,

My expectations are …reasonable.

Unprecedented times, unprecedented hindsight. Ah, if only we are all so blessed as you, if only you had been in charge for not a single person would have died, no loved ones left to mourn.

Or so you act.

Or so you think.

I had high expectations. A hope for more.

A more fitting place for the heroic. The nurse, the doctor, the care worker, the supermarket checkout girl, those who keep us going in these dark times.

Hope fades.

It fades because, underneath it all, we are helpless. We do not think for ourselves but expect everything from others. We beg advice and yet, when it is given, we ignore it because, hey, ‘You don’t expect me to do that do you?”.

So much heroism, so much bravery, so many deserving of so much.

But a few deserve only contempt.

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