I wonder

I wonder when

This is over

When normality, or whatever passes for normality returns,

Will we remember

To be kind

And will we think

About those we left behind.

Will we still care

About those who stood on the front line

Or will they be so easily forgotten

Will we pin medals on chests of the deserving

Who deserve so much more than a cold piece of metal

Will we recall those who stacked, and collected and cleaned

Or will we forget

Will the blameworthy escape blame

For inaction and actions that were both hopeless and pointless

Will we care

Will we say ‘I survived’ knowing that, inside, we really didn’t

I wonder if we will see the day

When hands are held up in apology

By those who could have, should have, didn’t

No enquiry necessary

To prolong agony

Yet the howling and baying crowd will demand it

Yet I wonder if

At days end

Any good will come of it

Of any of it

From any of us

Will it?

I wonder.

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