Like a constant pillow pressed against my face,

Unable to breathe,

Fearing that each is my last.

Hiding behind a mask,

Like some LA gang member,

Or a medicine man.


In my own home,

Rare foray into alien landscape

Devoid of people

A land I thought I knew

Now so different.

Give me space,

Space to breathe,

To be me,

But it’s not working.

Working from home,

No escaping the office in my lounge,

Constant reminder,

Of blurred lines.

Each day is now a day,

No Mon, Tues, Wednes- to put before it,

Each like the rest,

Unbroken, seamless passage one into the next,

Losing count of when,

Lost idea of where,

Lost idea of why,

I am doing what I do.

Locked out,

Locked away from life,

Limited and lost,

Struggles to endure,

Endless cycle of life,

Static, unmoving, in a vacuum,

Locked out of hope,

Lockdown in despair.

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