What’s in @ picture : Number 13?

It’s a bit murky out there!

I’m rubbish at photography.

One of the reasons, partially, is that my hand shakes too much. Sadly that’s the effect of two strokes but, by the by, I’m just not good at taking pictures.

And it’s annoying.

I can see the image perfectly and know what it is I want to capture but what I see with my eye rarely comes out in the photograph.

I’m often disappointed by what I produce. I’m not blaming my camera because it’s a perfectly decent one, a Panasonic LUMIX for those who are interested, but I do wish I was good at actually capturing a decent image.

It’s like a lot of things I wish I was good at. Writing, poetry, life etc. But there’s a rare talent for taking good photographs and I don’t have it.

If I do take a good one it’s usually more by luck than judgement and I come home from a holiday, eager to relive the moments and I find a set of poor photographs, horribly composed that barely do justice to what I’ve seen.

The photo here is of a lake in Ooty, India.

It’s supposed to be a moody, atmospheric shot of the lake and trees, capturing the different greys and lights at the time but it just comes out drab and uninteresting.

A bit like me.

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