What’s in a picture : Number 16

Nothing to see here!

This is an unremarkable photograph.

Except in the sense that I was there when I took it. Except in the sense that I can close my eyes and still feel the heat in the sun as it shone down upon me.

Except that, if I close my eyes and then open them again I can lose the people and make the place mine and mine alone.

I love travel, you know that right? I mean I really love travel but just sometimes, people get in the way. Not all people and not all the time but just occasionally you want to snap your fingers and make everyone else vanish so you can have the time and space you want to walk through history at your own pace and sit awhile unbuffeted by the noise and the crowds who want that exact spot you are standing or sitting in.

I want to move at my own pace and feel I’ve had my fill of a place. Of course sometimes I spend too long in somewhere that isn’t really to my taste and then on other occasions I feel as though I get a snapshot of somewhere rather than the lingering panoramic view.

The Taj Mahal is infinitely preferable with 100 people rather than 10’000 and despite seeing it on three occasions I don’t think I’ve ever really had the opportunity to appreciate it. Too many snapshots and not enough movies.

So yes, people. People who get in the way, people who detract from your enjoyment, not maliciously or deliberately but just by being there.

And yes, they’re probably feeling the same way about me.

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