In XXXXX we trust


It’s a small word but such an important one. We want to trust our partners, our children, our employers, those who look after our money or our legal affairs, and we want to trust our politicians.

Trust is in short supply. We are worn down by lockdown and the news that we…want to trust? but are not sure we can. Trust that’s been eroded by bias or failures to ask the right questions.

So who do we trust?. I’m guessing that the list is getting smaller. I don’t trust a celebrity to tell me how to keep fit any more than I trust financial advice from Spongebob Squarepants, although I understand that the Bikini Bottom Bank does have an attractive interest rate on its accounts! ..probably because they’re offshore!

The Cummings affair has demonstrated most clearly that trust in politicians, what they say and what they do, has sunk once more.

I understand defending a person but you can’t defend the indefensible and that’s what Boris is doing. The saga might have blown over if Cummings had said, “I’m sorry, it was stupid of me” instead of his self-righteous indignation at being caught and his “I’m better than you and more important than you” attitude.

We have been trusted to observe lockdown. We have been trusted not to bend the rules and although some have broken that trust they’ve been a tiny minority of people.

We trust our leaders to be honest. They’re not. We trust them to have principles. They don’t. We trust them to lead by example. They haven’t. We trust them to sack those abuse our trust in them. They won’t.

Sadly this episode, one in which trust in each other has been paramount, and one in which we should all have pulled together as one and trusted each other because we had to, in order to save each other, has now gone the other way.

It’s turned into something far worse, an exercise in untrustworthiness in people who should have lead by example, who could have lead by example and yet who failed miserably.

They say you have to earn people’s trust.

As it stands I think that will be a long time in coming…or did I mean Cummings.. ?

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