So we’re ‘open’ again

4th July.

Some hairdressers have been open since midnight and I’ve already seen the pictures of long queues outside barber shops.


I despair of humanity. I despair because we lack common sense. The sun comes out and we dash to our cars and drive hundreds of miles so we can pile in with everyone else on a stretch of beach, frustrated that thousands have had the same idea as us and too lazy to take our rubbish home.

We add insult to injury because, rather than turn around and head home realising it was a darn fool idea in the first place, we just add to a bad situation whilst berating others for doing the same thing that we have.

Sure my hairs a bit longer but I can last a few more weeks. Yeah my eyes need testing but that’s in August as I’m not rushing to do that either.

I don’t drink so pubs hold zero appeal but people’s thirst for alcohol, which has been available in the shops during lock down, must be down to an attraction for a locally brewed cask ale, hitherto unavailable in said shops.

I just don’t get people. This selfish attitude that seems to be in complete contrast to our generosity when times are bad. This ‘me’ attitude that the world revolves around me and woe betide anyone who has the same idea.

I dread the fact we’re open again. Dread it. Just the sheer prospect of people, more people, being out and about.

I’d ask for restraint but, a bit like Black Friday, desperation has set in and what Jim wants, Jim will get and darn the next man!.

I’d ask people to be sensible but, I have my doubts they will be. I fear for overworked NHS and emergency services staff who have to deal with the drunks and the disorder that almost inevitably will follow.

Yes we are open again.

But I wish the door was ajar. Just enough for a glimpse, a controlled view, a sensible and reasoned approach.

But people need a haircut at midnight. And people need alcohol at 6.00am.


I don’t get it, never will.

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