What’s in a picture : Number ?? +1

Monkey business

Too much monkeying about.

I like Twitter in the sense that you find out some interesting stuff on it but then I hate it because you read too much stuff that just….triggers, for want of a better word.

I find it frustrating. I want to teach a wider audience because there are times I feel like I’ve got something worth saying but then I’m usually drowned in the mix and someone more established with a 1000 or more followers, says what I’ve said all along and takes the plaudits.

It happens.

My blogs a case in point. I’ve blogged about strife in the Autistic community on several occasions and those blogs have reached, perhaps, three or four people …then you wait a bit and a better known ‘tweeter’ posts almost exactly the same thing and they get hundreds of likes and retweets.

Now I know I can’t predict what others will say but let’s admit it, Tis a bit galling to feel what you’ve said time after time is only taken seriously if you aren’t the person saying it. It’s as though you don’t count or aren’t ‘someone’ in the community. You aren’t a person with a voice.

Low self esteem is crippling and it’s only reenforcing that issue when what you write isn’t picked up. I’m asked why I want people to read my blog and it’s because I would like to feel I have some value; some meaning in my life rather than just writing aimlessly or, if I do write something good or profound, pointlessly.

People said they read my blog. The stats say otherwise. I’m sure my tweets are one of several thousand that crop up on people’s timeline in a daily basis, if you follow hundreds and hundreds, and that’s okay, I get it because I miss tweets all the time; but don’t say you read my blog just to be kind if you don’t actually read it. The stats don’t lie.

So that’s it, moan over.

Until next time.

When perhaps I will write something profound and worthwhile.

Or just have another moan.

As for Twitter?. It will exist long after I’m gone. And perhaps I’m gone already.

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