The waiting game

I’m waiting for inspiration,

But all I get is perspiration,

I’m waiting to take action,

But I just can’t get the traction,

I’m waiting to make some plans,

But my maps old and faded,

I’m waiting to move on,

But I’m feeling tired and jaded,

I’m waiting to start living,

But life ain’t that forgiving,

I’m waiting to feel passion,

But my hearts just sad and empty,

I’m waiting to fight back,

But the strength is what I lack,

I’m waiting for some hope,

But I’m dangling by a rope,

I’m waiting to get started,

But I feel tired and half hearted,

I’m waiting to be me,

But my mask won’t set me free,

I’m waiting for so much,

But I feel so out of touch,

My life’s consumed by shame,

This is all a waiting game.

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