If my colleagues think I’m shirking…

If my colleagues think I’m shirking,

When I really should be working,

Then I don’t know what to say,

Because on any other day,

I’ve more than done my share,

Not that they really care,

That I’ve done more than I should,

Or that I thought I would and could,

Logged on when not at work,

(Not an ideal way to shirk)

Non working days, weekends,

I’ve been driven round the bends,

Bank holidays (they’re not),

I’ve logged on, have you forgot?

To keep the clients happy,

Want an answer? Make it snappy,

Gone well beyond the call,

Which has resulted in this fall,

Driven to distraction,

By poor planning and inaction,

By strategy befuddled,

My poor head it’s sore and muddled,

Without warning, in my lap,

So many changes made me snap,

Now I’m knackered and down hearted,

Perhaps its time we parted?

Disillusioned, full of panic,

I’ve lost heart, I’m going manic,

I’m anxious and I’m scared,

(Not that anybody cared)

And now I’ve lost my way,

And the strength to meet the day,

I’m tired and need a rest,

Told the doctor, they know best,

So dear colleagues whilst you’re working,

I’m sorry if I’m shirking,

But I’ve lost my strength and hope,

And I’m sure that you will cope!.

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