From an early age I had a large vocabulary. Couldn’t spell it….or vocabulary….but I had one anyway.

My parents read a lot and reading expands the aforementioned vocabulary and I suppose I was lucky in that way as most of the kids I knew didn’t seem to read anywhere near as much as I did.

My mum was a writer. Short stories, lots of poems, some funny, some serious, whatever took her mood. And she was a published author in the sense that a magazine published several of her short stories even if, to her annoyance, they changed her characters names. Apparently the names ‘Dennis’ and ‘Emily’ are offensive! Go figure!.

I never intended to write.

Some years ago I was signed off for several months with an unusual condition and didn’t some of that time writing a supernatural thriller on a word processor. It wasn’t great and even writing 30K words was exhausting and as I recovered the project was abandoned.

Fast forward to travelling and travel blogging as I like to keep a diary of some sorts of my travels and one or two people expressed an interest in reading what I wrote so there was external encouragement to continue and as travel is my great love and passion, it was no hardship.

And now for something completely different.

A germ of an idea that sprouted to 253K words. I like it but don’t love it. I see plot holes so large that if anyone is wondering where Australia is these days, it’s probably in one of the holes I’ve created. It’s poorly planned and needs refinement but it’s not too bad considering every detail of it is in my head.

The next germ, a continuation of germ number one…a seedling…is 73K and has the same characters (unless I’ve already killed them off) and needs a lot of work because I have grand plans and am probably looking at another 150K words all in to finish the whole saga.

My current germ (send disinfectant quickly) is standing at 42K words and I really like it. It’s all in my head as I have no space for whiteboards or half a dozen screens on which to plot.

It’s a violent (very violent) adult (very adult) fantasy. I think this one is definitely mood writing as I’ve been going through some work stuff recently and I feel I’m pouring all my anger and frustration and bitterness onto the pages (okay, screen)…keyboard?..and the end result is flowing.

I’m not saying that it’s good but, as my own worst critic, I’ve written worse.

I have found it harder to write poetry. I’ve had to force myself at times and the end result hasn’t been as profound as I’d have hoped for. Perhaps it’s just one of those things and the mood will come again. I’m not sure my last offering about work has been terribly well received by my colleagues. Oh well!.

So there we are, up to date, making progress, trying to be consistent and set time aside to get some words down be it 200 or 2000, each day or a least 3-4 times a week in between crippling bouts of hopelessness and rubbish like that.

And simple hoping it’ll be all write!.

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