If I leave

If I leave,

Who will miss me,

They give a vacant stare,

A space they’ve never noticed,

As though I wasn’t there,

Invisible to naked eye,

In other dimension dwell,

Would they miss me if I left,

Would they even tell,

The clock is stuck on half past one,

I choose then to depart,

No longer hear the ticking,

Nor the beating of my heart,

Would they frown in wonder,

Would part of them remind,

The boy sat by the window, sad,

The boy they left behind.

Imaginary or quite real,

They shrug for they know not,

If I or he existed then,

It doesn’t matter what,

They feel, they say, they do or think,

It’s too late for it all,

There is nobody now to ask,

There’s no one left to call,

A space, an empty chair perhaps,

Softly turns and spins,

He or I have left you now,

We’ve answered for our sins,

So if I leave,

Don’t blame yourself,

The signs were clear as day,

But now I’ve gone,

My time has come,

I’ve flown, quite flown away.

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