I seem to be drifting

Time passes and I think I should blog and then life, in one shape or another, gets in the way and the moment passes by and never gets recalled until it’s too late.

So I’m sorry. I meant to blog more but laziness or disillusionment or simply not having anything worth saying has got in the way.

Yes they’re feeble excuses.

But I don’t have any others to give. Energy had been sapped and I find I waste hours in the day because I’m too worn out with just living to write a blog about…just living…or existing, when that’s all most of us can do at this present time.

I don’t have news to share. I wish I did and that it was good news but right now it’s hard to find that anywhere.

But I haven’t firgtooten you. Or even forgotten you. I like that shelling error so will leave it in for my own amusement. Shelling? Shelling? Spelling! You see how I’m affected by things?.

So how are you all?. Thriving as best one can thrive I hope, being sensible, abiding by the rules, playing the waiting game.

I’m tired. Sure fibromyalgia does that to you but there’s a deeper tiredness creeping in, a tiredness not born from pain but a realisation that age is creeping up on me. A tiredness that is both mental and physical as there’s little more I can do physically and mentally, I think I’m shot lol.

I’ll be 55 next year. At an age I hoped to own a house, have a dog, feel secure. But at an age where I live in a rented, damp, dilapidated flat and can’t have a dog and life has never felt less secure.

I know I’m not alone and people live in far worse conditions than I do but it’s upsetting all the same.

Perhaps 2021 will be better…although I’m sure i said that about 2020 and look where that got us!.

Stay safe people. Know that I care. Know that I’m here and if anyone wants to suggest a blog topic I’ll happily give it a go.

Until next time then…and I hope it will be sooner!.

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