Ah I’m a slippery little devil!

Said I’d blog and I keep forgetting to rhettin* to do so, 8nfuriating fur me but hey, you migh5 be mightoumoleased!

Now, before you get your eyes tested, yes, I did write all that and no, I’m not losing it (been lost a veeeery long time) but this just illustrates how my mind and my fingers are on two very different wavelengths when it comes yo con here to …or even ‘to coherent writing!’

I know where I want to put m6 fingers but they then slip…or then they slip…onto another letter which becomes another word…and I don’t think it’s appreciated how difficult I a tualk6 find writing all this to be.

And there’s another one. I did write ‘actually’ actually!.

I find it intensely frustrating and it takes ages to go through what I write and correct th3 horrendous misspellings and numbers appearing where letters should be (I’m looking at you ‘the’) and paragraphs that have absolutely no meaning to me because I can’t tell what i5 is that I wrote in the first place! …and there’s ‘5’ creeping in to ‘it’!.

It’s horrible. Do 8nslow my brain or my fingers? …and there it is again…’I slow’ ..not…whatever the hell that is!. Is th3 …grrrr…problem with my mind or my digits…or both?.

Perhaos im inventing my own language instead of ehh sh because hey, let’s face it, that’s had its day.

Perhaps I’m inventing my own language instead of English..yeah, fingers and brain are waaay out of sync.

So, there you have it…again. My apologies for the Jack o& writing but…good grief…this is how it goes and so now you see it, warts and all…and yes that is ‘warts’ not walnuts and all…because that’s just nuts!

Will try and do better. Promise. Just don’t hate me if I do t. Don’t!

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