I’m glad that’s over!

I’m glad Christmas is over. I know I say it every year but even in such strange circumstances as we find ourselves, I’m glad it’s done and dusted.

It was a little strange, a bit of a nothing experience really and the fact that it was a bright and sunny day again did nothing to engender a feeling of Christmas spirit on the day itself.

We had our walk, exchanged presents that we both knew we were getting and had a fairly ordinary roast dinner. It could have been a Sunday or an anniversary on any other day and only the festive lights and array of cards told a different story.

I remember starting 2020 with a glimmer of hope, a hope that this year some things might improve. By May time that glimmer had been extinguished and I refuse to raise my hopes that next year will be any different.

Gripped by a pandemic, house prices going even further beyond what our meagre wages will ever afford, getting older, adding other conditions to those we already suffer with and slowly falling apart because, as with so many others, the world seems a horrid place to be at the minute.

I’m tired. Bone weary. Half way through a three week break that feels stressful and tiring and dull and bothersome. Dreading the new year and work and the prospect of more for less and grand ambition at the expense of my sanity.

New Years resolution?. Revolution is what we need. Not armed rebellion but a growing movement that says we are all thoroughly fed up with the way this is all going. Not weird rants shrieking about government genocide or saving money by killing pensioners but realistic conversations about incompetence and rampant cronyism and how simply out of touch the government is.

And then there’s Brexit. A thin deal not worth its 2000 pages, a paper over the cracks deal that betrays fishermen and opens up all sorts of worrying issues as to where this lot are taking us. The very fact that a minister is apparently looking into bringing back the Death Penalty should have all right thinking people repulsed if this is where we are headed. A gloomy picture indeed.

So, on that note, happy new year! ..or as happy as you can make it. I wish you and yours a peaceful and prosperous and safe one.

Take care out there!

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