Writing? That’s a novel idea…

There’s a book in everyone.

That’s what they say isn’t it?. It doesn’t mention what sort of book it is nor whether it’s any good but if everyone has one in them then that is quite a few I’ve yet to read.

I write. I’m not very good at, not consistent at it and most of what I write is on the spur of the moment. A made up fantasy now on book 3 with 90% of it stuck in my head. So many plot holes and awful plot devices and characters who change appearance- but it’s all my own work and that can’t be taken from me.

I try to write somewhere between 6-8000 words a week. I might write 400 or 2000 in one go and quite often I will write random scenes ‘for later’ because I have that scene in my head ‘now’.

And my head brings its own problems. I often write scenes in my head, really epic stuff which I love…only that always translates badly to paper or I forget half the scene before I get the opportunity to write it down. Frustrating stuff!.

I’ve completed 4 novels and have 3 partially finished. Two big epic series, one set in modern times which involves angels and demons and one fantasy set in its own space and time and which involves prophecies, mad kings, blood, sex and lots of fighting. That’s the series which is at querying stage…and I have no idea what I’m doing with that either so don’t ask me.

I wish I had a proper space to write in and was skilled in the art of folders and files so I had everything at my fingertips but my set up is a chromebook on my lap with a notebook beside me. And my Chromebook has a few issues so it’s not exactly a professional looking job. Oh for a desk and a proper laptop and several screens and a printer and an office. Oh, just give me the house as well!.

Some days I really enjoy it and then some days it’s chore. Some days it flows and on others I grit my teeth and struggle through. Most days I want to go back to series one and edit that but then I worry about series two and getting that done. That said, what is series one about? Been so long I’ve forgotten.

I struggle with punctuation and grammar. My dialogue is stilted but then I’ll write a really flowing piece and think ‘that’s not too shabby’ and I’ll be settled again. It never lasts long.

I fight ADHD to write and being Autistic sometimes means that I get frustrated when what I’m planning in my brain isn’t replicated on the page. I can be so close and yet so far away from where I’m envisaging it actually being. But I struggle onwards.

I’d love to be published. Just to say I’d done it, just to say that someone believed in me enough to publish it. And to sell a copy? Incredible. I think that would just be awesome, to be able to call yourself a ‘published author’ and to say your book had ‘sold’. Fantastic.

But that’s for another time and if I don’t write I can’t keep that dream alive. So, back I must go to human sacrifices, powerless gods, sentient swords and a very large black horse. Oh, and a transgender assassin, pirates, madness and much more with 40 plus characters to wrestle with, just in case you thought I was taking it easy! Lol.

If you write, write on, and if you don’t, give it a try. If you have a book in you, let it out.

Back into hell

So it’s back to Hell on Monday.

That day many of us have dreaded has arrived and despite good evidence to the contrary, with rising cases and the increased virulence of the Delta variant, we should all go out and hug one another. Or get more intimate if that’s your thing.

Already I see fewer masks and a sudden surge of sunflower lanyards being worn by grinning individuals who collect handfuls of them from customer service desks in major supermarkets and hand them out to their mates as if they were popcorn. Well, not quite but close enough.

I feel herded towards herd immunity or vaccine immunity that isn’t quite immunity, in that you can get Covid still even if it might not be as severe as before.

I feel affronted by ant-vax supporters in my timeline peddling their nonsense and talking about ‘government control’ when this government has never been in control of anything or suggesting Bill Gates is putting a micro transmitter in my bloodstream ( for reasons only Bill must know, because I certainly don’t) and generally making no sense at all but using any excuse not to mask because it infringes their human rights.

And that’s it. Their rights, not my right not to infected by them because they’re selfish.

I know I work from home but I’m not a hermit. I go out, I shop, I do see people. And people worry me. I know I wear a mask and I will carry on wearing one for the foreseeable future but I can’t legislate for others and to hear and read people already talking so openly of social gatherings, getting drunk, parties, burning their masks etc, is seriously worrying.

People want to be treated like adults. But they can’t act like adults. They don’t want restrictions and rules but they need restrictions and rules until they understand the seriousness of this dreadful illness.

So on Monday we go back to Hell.

I dread it. I absolutely dread it.

I’m hoping this is just a phase and that things will improve, that numbers will decline and that eventually there will be light at the end of a very (insert as many as you want here) dark tunnel, but I can’t help but feel we are in yet another ‘things will get worse before they get better’ scenario and even double jabbed, I’m not confident of escaping unscathed.

So, take care, be sensible. Ignore the continued discomfort and inconvenience and be safe for others if not yourself.