The worlds gone crazy..and I can’t cope with it..

I hate this world. 

The news is just one unremitting piece of misery after another. If it’s not Brexit then it’s another Scottish referendum. The fact they had one five minutes ago seems not to register but, as with Brexit, perhaps we should just have referendums till we get the result we want. I love Scotland but Mrs Sturgeon and Mr Salmond I find totally loathsome, always demanding, always threatening. No hint of compromise or concession. 

My view ?. Give them a referendum. Give them one now. Six weeks. Run it, accept the result whichever way it goes and then shut up about it!. Oh, and have a General Election as well. Put everything on hold until both are done and then see who is in power and what way the referendum goes. 

I can’t stand two years of listening to this! 

A u-turn on national insurance for the self employed. I hate the hypocrisy of the Labour Party here. Complain when it’s imposed, jeer when it’s withdrawn. You can’t have both so stop the crowing. God, Politicians are all as bad as each other!. 

If our problems aren’t enough then there’s always Donald Trump to cheer us up. The daily inanities that spew forth from the so called leader of the free world are surely signs of narcissism?. The focus on him, his campaign, his executive orders. He seems to have totally lost sight of helping anyone save his cronies and wants to alienate everyone else. The very fact that he is President is a deeply scary thing. 

There’s famine in Somalia and Sudan. Once more we are overwhelmed with adverts featuring grossly overrated and overpaid “celebrities” imploring us to contribute to a worthy cause. That’s fine but how much are these multi millionaires giving ?. Anything ? Or are they actually being paid to appear in these adverts ?. 

Cynical I know. Forgive me, I am very jaded. 

Election expenses scandals. This is barely news at all unless your a leftie hoping political capital can be made of it. Who cares ?. Seriously ?. Yes there are rules but I’ve never been convinced to vote for anyone based on a leaflet or someone stopping me in the street. I don’t see it making any difference at all but perhaps that’s just me. No doubt there’s a “bigger picture” I am missing. Oh, since all parties have been fined they’re all as bad as each other. Untrustworthy and shallow. 

I watch the news and it brings me close to tears. This rampant nastiness. The constant battering of bad news. The constant malice, threats, bile that pours forth from everyone’s lips. 

To compensate for this news we get insipid “celebrities” “winning” awards. Oscars, Baftas, Brits, Emmys, Grammys, Golden Globes. An endless list of smug self congratulatory awards given, in the main, to people I’ve never heard of. People I wouldn’t know if I saw them in the street. 

And that’s even more depressing. 

A bunch of nauseating and, in most cases, hugely and undeservingly wealthy people who expect the world and their “fans” to hang on their every utterance. Rappers with blatantly homophobic, sexist and racist language are lauded as “talented” because they “appeal” to today’s youth!. Appeal ?. How ?. Are people so shallow or brain dead that they think DizzyD or whatever ridiculous name they have, is more talented than Beethoven ?.Mozart ?. Where has real music gone ?. 

But these people’s stories are added into the news, their marriages, divorces, children, to somehow compensate for all the misery. 

The worlds gone crazy …

And I can’t cope with it..

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