Whether you’re Aspie..

Whether you’re Aspie,

Or whether you’re not,

Your diagnosis,

Is the one that you’ve got.

It’s nobody’s business,

To say that’s it’s wrong,

To say that your this,

And not that, all along.

It’s not about you,

Being better than me,

Or silly things like,

Aspie supremacy,

Which is just twaddle,

And utterly lame,

Absolute nonsense,

Please don’t play that game,

We are all different,

As we should be,

But share common bonds,

Like the roots of a tree,

Then we branch out,

And we find our own way,

But how we define ourselves,

Only we say,

So let’s stop the fighting,

The labelling war,

It’s distracting, confusing,

It’s rude and a bore,

I’ll be an Aspie,

And you ? You be you ?

And then we’ll just get on,

And just do as we do,

No winners, no losers,

Autistic happy,

Under one roof,

One big family.

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