Not a word!.

Are you leaving they said,

With a nod and a smile,

Inside they knew it,

Had known for a while,

With a smile tinged with sadness,

With anger and pain,

They wondered inside,

Would they see me again?

The look in my eyes,

Haunted disbelief,

Unable to mask,

The feelings of grief,

The touch of betrayal,

Light poisonous touch,

Yet even the lightness,

Hurt me too much,

A world without mercy,

A world without hope,

My mask slipped away,

Unable to cope,

Bruised on the inside,

Heartbroken in two,

I smiled sadly back,

For their words, they rang true,

I’m leaving I said,

Though not of my choice,

I talk midst the tumult,

But I have no voice,

I’m silent, I’m quiet, I’m mute

To your ears,

I’ve nothing worth saying,

Left alone with my fears,

And so they let me pass,

Though they wished me to stay,

I’d tried and I’d failed,

Ignored day after day,

And the saddest thing is,

That I could have done good,

Opportunities squandered,

Never did what I could,

For I remained silent,

Nobody heard,

I spoke up, I screamed.

But you heard not a word!

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