Strange times

These are strange times.

Turbulent times in which we try to bear a semblance of normality upon our shoulders whilst beset by abnormal events threatening to derail us.

The worlds a terrifying place. It seems that the truth is in short supply unless everyone’s telling it, in which case we’re more screwed than we have any right to be. At times when we should be pulling together it seems that the seams that hold us together are being ripped apart with quite alarming ease.

This sense of one-upmanship, idle boasts, bare faced lies, half-truths, missteps; it’s a jungle out there through which we, the sensible, cautious ones, try to navigate.

It’s heard to identify what’s best. What are people trying to achieve and can’t they do it without crawling over the cold dead bodies of their former friends and allies, let alone their enemies?.

Common sense has been abandoned for the self-serving cause of selfishness. What I want goes and the rest of you don’t matter seems, all too often, to be the case.

I’ll go where I want, wear what I want, touch who I want; the mantras of today.

Respect is dead. Led as we are by liars and buffoons, how can we hope to rely on them to lead us?. What example do they set for our children? And for us?.

Contradictions, double takes, u-turns, misinformation; government policy. You ask for direction but their compass, both actual and moral, is broken.

We, the disabled, the poor, the low paid, will bear the brunt. Paying back is never fair. Increased taxes particularly indirect ones affect all equally. The rich will stay rich and the poor will stay in the gutter.

Strange times. Worrying times. Anxious times. Fighting back tears, fighting back revulsion, fighting back in the face of overwhelming adversity.

We live in strange times.

I don’t like strange.

Strange is scary.

And right now I’m very very scared…

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