I saw that he was lonely,

So I sat with him a while,

I offered him a hand,

And a reassuring smile,

We sat in wordless silence,

In contemplative thought,

I wondered where his mind went,

About the answers that he sought,

His face was full of sorrow,

The grief etched on his face,

His eyes, dark pools of sadness,

Each hurt had left it’s trace,

Shoulders slumped in agony,

Body wracked with pain,

Both fragile and tormented,

Slowly driving him insane,

He gazed into the distance,

Where only he could see,

I tried to offer comfort,

But he would not talk to me,

Would not or he could not,

Find the right words for the task,

I saw that he was crumbling,

The truth beneath the mask,

I saw that he was scared of life,

And scarred by days gone by,

Disillusioned and exhausted,

Lost the will to try,

The hope had all but left him,

Suffocated by his life,

Wounded by both word and deed,

Cut by poisoned knife,

Fearful of the wrong thing,

Unsure of what was right,

Dreams shattered into nothing,

On the altar of his plight,

Trying to please everyone,

To satisfy desire,

But swallowed in the quicksand,

Lost forever in the mire,

We sat amidst the silence,

As only true friends can,

But there was only one of us,

For I’m the lonely man,

I stood and slowly walked away,

Unsteady, awkward gait,

A past so drenched in failure,

Towards uncertain fate,

The man within the mirror,

With pain, of face so white,

Waved me to uncertainty,

As I slowly fade from sight.

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