A day of nonsense

Yesterday when all alone,

I moibled with myself,

I played a game of cattersnatch,

Then put it on the shelf,

I vertypiked my way,

To the centre of the town,

And there I purchased prinklepants,

Which made some people frown,

I gibbled and I rattyponged,

As I walked through the park,

But never qwettled quietly,

As I do that in the dark.

I halibunged and holibanged,

I drubbed, I bertiglooed,

But I stopped short of ettyflops,

As you do that in the nude.

I travelled on a nibketttonk,

I paid for that in skreee,

I ate a slice of larby-cake

Beneath an old Oak tree.

I qwibbed a nice old lady,

Admired her yeppet-poo,

Discussed the state of aspitty,

As we always seem to do.

And after a fulfilling day,

I put myself to bed,

And fell asleep,

With fluffy yarqs,

A dancing in my head.

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