New year, new start…

Happy New Year everyone.

I hope you had a lovely Autism friendly Xmas (for those of you who are Autistic obviously) or a lovely NT Xmas.

Either way, welcome to 2018!

I’m not one for making resolutions because either I forget them or I break them so, rather than making any more I think I’ll have a few “hopes” instead..

So here is what I hope for in 2018..

1. That the Autism community on Twitter is kinder to itself. Less label boasting, less IQ boasting, less Aspergers supremacy nonsense and fewer self appointed leaders who decide the rules we play by. Let’s include everybody in a safe environment and support each other. It’s not a nice world so be kind….please.

2. That Politicians will see sense. Yes this is probably a forlorn hope but I really would like to see less point scoring and less ego. I’d like them all to listen to what we, the electorate, are saying. I’m not talking about the Conservatives alone. I’m not calling them evil or nasty because I don’t think name calling helps. I think they’re wrong and misguided on many things but I don’t trust Labour either. Their ideas are a bit fantastical and I’d like to see them a little more grounded and economically sound.

3. A home to call our own. An end to renting this damp, cold and tired flat where the landlord doesn’t care as he’s too busy building his property empire to look after what he already has.

4. A new job. Or a change of a job. An Autism friendly role. Something I enjoy and want to get up for in the morning. Something where I feel I’m achieving something.

5. A dog. We have cats. I like cats. But I really want a dog if we get a new home. Dogs make you get up and walk them. I miss not having a dog.

6. A holiday. If not an actual one then the prospect of one. I need that light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel.

7. Better health. A way to control my fibromyalgia, better memory with less Fibro Fog and an easing of this crippling Anhedonia that’s wrecked my life these last three years.

And finally..

8. That my friends, be they on social media or those I see everyday, stay happy and healthy!

Here’s to you all!

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